Bayleaf the Donkey

Bayleaf is our grey and white donkey. He is loved by many young children as the provider of rides and drives, and often features in Easter Parades and Summer Fairs.

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SCF CowFest 2013

Calling all cowboys, cowgirls, cowherds and anybody else who wants an udderly fantastic time- Cow Fest Moosic Festival comes to Spitalfields City Farm on Sunday 24 March 2013, 12-6pm Enjoy the best of local moosic while drinking milky treats , responsibly sourced beefy snacks and maybe a glass or two of your favourite bevvy. The cow themed market stalls will provide a range of eco friendly or responsibly sourced cow related products. The only thing missing on the day will be real live cows. But that's the point - all money donated and profits from sales will go towards acquiring two of the loveliest bovines money can buy. With your help local families will be able to experience the true source of their daily milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt and ghee. Entry is by donation (cows aren't cheap) so spend you milk money now and secure your tickets to Spitalfields Farm Cow Fest Moosic Festival 24 March 2013 by clicking here: Soundtrack: Pasco Tom - Dreams

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Amazing Animals at Spitalfields City Farm, London

Meet all of the wonderful animals at Spitalfields City Farm. See each animal's profile video on the sponsorship pages of our website.

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Golden Guernsey Goats at Spitalfields City Farm, London

Gorgeous Goats in their daily routine of milking and generally enjoying life, at Spitalfields City Farm, London.

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Small animals at Spitalfields City Farm

A group of students from Morpeth School in London introduce the small animals at Spitalfields City Farm.

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Fast and Furious Ferrets at Spitalfields City Farm

Check out this Fast-paced Ferret Fandango at Spitalfields City Farm, London. Please sponsor the Ferret Team, Max and Zoe. Visit:

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Sheep at Spitalfields City Farm, London

Meet our Shabby Chic Sheep in this fast-paced video Help us keep our sheep Wooly. You can sponsor them for less than 5 pence a day!

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"Geese on Guard" at Spitalfields City Farm

Hilarious introduction to the "Goose Guards" at Spitalfields City Farm. Sponsor our geese for just £15. a year:

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Pick and Cook at Spitalfields City Farm

Profile of PICK AND COOK activity at Spitalfields City Farm, London. PICK AND COOK sessions happen every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at the Farm, from 11.00 AM to 2.00 PM. These FREE sessions are an opportunity to learn how to cook using garden produce to create tasty, interesting and nutritious meals, and to share food in a friendly setting. Contact Laura Stobbart to find out how you can join in! 020 7247 8762. Or

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Kune Kune Pig at Spitalfields City Farm

Please sponsor Itchy the Pig at Spitalfields City Farm. She is Smart and Snuffly! As you'll see in the video, she loves to eat. Help us make sure she has all the food she needs:

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