Families Go Wild at Halloween!

Although it was a very chilly day, we were delighted that lots of families came out to the farm to join us for a Halloween and Autumn crafts session!


We were very lucky this week to have squashes and pumpkins grown by the family volunteers themselves! Some were also kindly given to us by Lutfun, who is a gardener at the farm. For our other activities, we used materials from around the farm, such as leaves, twigs and baling twine!


Our participants got very creative with the materials we had. Some chose to carve the pumpkins and squash, others chose to paint, and some people did both! One squash was even decorated with leaves and flowers from around the farm.


As well as decorating farm grown pumpkins and squashes, other Autumn themed crafts were available. We made beautiful and colourful collages using leaves found from walking around the farm. Some of them are now hanging up in the eco-station for visitors to enjoy!


Another craft we made, also with materials we found at the farm, was spooky spider webs! It was quite fiddly to make these, but we did a great job, with parents helping children with some of the harder bits.


It was a lot of fun making decorations for Autumn and Halloween. It was even more special, knowing that most of the materials we used had come from the farm itself!

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