Frequently asked questions


Can we feed the animals?

Unfortunately the answer is no. As a non-slaughter farm, the majority of our animals are on a strict maintenance diet managed by the farmers. If you would like to buy them a gift – visit our official amazon wish list to send them your love!


Can you take my rabbit/chicken/etc?

While we do occasionally take in unwanted pets, we are often at full capacity but we recommend you contacting your local animal re-homing shelter first with these issues first.


What's the difference between hay and straw?

They might look similar, but they’re very different products with very different purposes. Hay is dried grass, nutrient rich and used specifically for feeding our animals. Straw is a by-product of cereal crops and is more often used for animal bedding but also has a wide variety of uses, for everything from a compost pile to an energy source. If you require bales for seating for an event, you definitely want straw! For more information please email us here.