Farmyard Fairy Tales


Our mobile farm service can bring your favourite stories to life. Friendly animals brought to your school for a memorable educational experience! Book today through the Mobile Farm page.

Little Red Hen
Chickens share the virtues of work ethic in this old folk tale. Students will meet real chickens, thresh their own wheat and grind it into flour. Outcomes suitable for ELY - KS2:

  • Practising vocabulary

  • Recognising parts of the wheat, stalk/seed/chaff

  • Identifying flour as a feed/food products eaten by animals and people

  • Using simple tools and machines in farm settings

Three Billy Goats Gruff
Get set to trippetty trap over the bridge. Students will meet real goats, ready to act out the story of Billy Goats Gruff. Outcomes suitable for up to ELY - KS2:

  • Practising vocabulary

  • Drama & roleplay

  • Counting

  • Sorting objects by size

  • Understanding good and bad environments

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