A team day in the corporate life


I arrived on a beautiful, albeit cold, winters morning to the sight of a few goats trotting across my path down to their grazing pastures, bringing back memories of my childhood in the west country.

Emily introduced herself and the farm whilst recalling a few anecdotes. One that stuck in my mind was how a lady suffering extreme pressure from a government had managed to return home and retrieve some cuttings, then transport them all the way to England.

It became apparent that the kindness from those in the local community had been instrumental in keeping the charity aloft and doing what they do best. She explained that we would be working on a number of jobs, I opted for the building of a fence. A marauding fox had been trying to get into the hutches, so I felt I'd do my part for the animals (nothing to do with wanting to keep my shoes clean.

After becoming acquainted with Monty the Alsatian we set to work, using materials from the workshop to construct a chain link fence. The staff couldn't of been more helpful, taking the time to talk through the plans with me and suggest different materials that might work better or be easier to find.

As you can see in the photo the project was a success, with the help of my colleagues. I really hope the fox isn't as wily as his kindred protagonist from my favourite book growing up, as I feel I'll need to strengthen the defences… and move the cider! In all it was a really enjoyable day out of the office. Everyone from the group seemed to get on well with what they were tasked with and we all left satisfied with a job well done. I hope to visit again soon.

David Cooper, Intuit
16th January 2018

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