Families Go Wild! 5th May 2018

Today's Families Go Wild was magical!

The height of Spring, this time of the year is known in the pagan calendar as Beltane, during which the veil between the magical realm and ours is at its thinnest! Domino the farm cat made a nature wand for the occasion!


In the spirit of Beltane, we took a walk around the farm, to see what magic we could find. Our group was made up of some regular family volunteers, and some newer ones. The regular volunteers were very helpful in showing the new visitors where to find magical plants, and they remembered a lot of the plants' names from previous weeks! We collected plants that can be eaten by animals, and plants that can be eaten by humans, and quite a few that are eaten by both!


Once we had collected some food for animals, we went to see the guinea pigs to give them a wild feast! We took turns placing food in their enclosure, and watched as they excitedly came to enjoy it! The young volunteers were very patient and calm, which was perfect for the guinea pigs!

We could tell it was a magical time, as when we were spending time in the sensory garden, we found fairy furniture in a hanging basket! This inspired us to make our own offerings for any magical beings that might be spending time in our garden, as we wanted them to feel at home.

Note from Ilana: Like humans, guinea pigs cannot produce their own Vitamin C. As with other sour tasting foods, Sorrel, or Rumex acetosa is a great source of vitamin C! It goes beautifully in salad, and as we know, makes a delicious pesto!