Families Go Wild! 25th August 2018

We began our farmyard session in the usual way - collecting eggs. We were lucky to find four chicken eggs, so we boxed them up ready for sale. They didn't even reach the shop this week, as one of our families quickly snapped them up!

Next, it was time to muck out! This week we tackled the donkey stables. Some of us were a bit hesitant to get too involved with sweeping up poo! We talked about how cleaning up for the donkeys is part of taking care of them, and a very important job on the farm! If we want to spend time with the animals, feeding them, and grooming them, it is important that we participate in the messier jobs, so that we understand what it takes to look after animals.


After the mucking out, we replaced the donkeys' water. We thought about where to tip it out, and decided to water the lavender next to the stable. While the water was filling up, we put the rest of our tools away, laid fresh wood shavings in the stable, and made sure there was hay for Derek and Bayleaf to have later on.

Once the stables were ready for the donkeys, it was time to give the mini donkeys, Gilbert and Sullivan, their morning grooming!


We started with learning how to pick the donkeys' hooves. We made sure to stand to the side of the donkeys, and not behind them when hoof picking, so that we weren't at risk of being kicked. Gilbert and Sullivan may look small, but they are strong! 

Once the muck was cleared from their hooves, we moved on to brushing their hair. Lots of wood shavings and hay get stuck in it, so there was a lot to brush out! Some of us found it calming to brush the donkeys, and it felt nice to be taking care of them. We spent a good while brushing them, and making sure their hairstyles looked good. Then, it was time to lead them out to their paddock.

It took us quite a bit of time to lead the Mediterranean Miniatures to the paddock. Every so often, they would find a crab apple to much on, or some weeds to nibble, and would insist on staying still while they finished them. We also noticed that Gilbert didn't want to move until Sullivan was in front of him. Leading the donkeys to their paddock also made us realise their strength, as it was hard to move them if they didn't want it! Today we truly learned the origin of the phrase 'stubborn as a donkey'!


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