Families Go Wild in the Farmyard!

Today started like a regular farmyard day - by collecting the eggs! We found four eggs, and put them in a box for the shop. We also picked up one of the chickens and stroked her. She was very soft, and calm when we held her.

Next, we got together our tools for mucking out! We needed wheelbarrows, shavings forks, brooms and shovels. First we worked on the big donkeys’ stable, picking up the poo with the shavings forks, and sweeping the shavings into place. We also changed the donkeys’ drinking water and gave them some new shavings for their bedding. Finally, we gave them fresh hay, and then moved onto the mini donkeys’ stable to do the same thing again!


Once we had finished both stables, we emptied the poo and dirty shavings into the muck heap, and put away the wheelbarrow and tools. We then went to the ecostation and got out Buttercup the guinea pig, so that we could feed and hold it. She seemed nervous at first, as there were quite a few people around, but she was very calm after some cuddles.

Join us next week - we’ll be in the garden!