Families Go Wild in the Kitchen Garden!

Spring is a great time to be in the kitchen garden. There’s plenty of tasty things to forage on the farm. Today the star of the show was wild garlic, which is only available in springtime. What better way to celebrate this wonderful plant, than to make wild garlic bread!

Our session started with making the dough for our bread. We added flour, yeast, sugar and salt to our bowl, and then added warm water to activate the yeast. We mixed it all together with a big spoon, and once it was a bit less sticky, we got to kneading it by hand. We then put it back in the bowl to let it rise.


The next task was to make the butter! We poured double cream into jars, filling them half way, and shook them as fast as we could. We had to pass round the jars many times as it was quite tiring! While some of us were still shaking the jars to churn the butter, we went off to find some wild garlic!


We chopped the wild garlic into small pieces, ready to be mixed into our butter. For some of us, it was the first time we had chopped something on our own!

After lots of shaking, the cream had finally separated into buttermilk and butter! We spooned out the butter from the jar and mixed in the wild garlic.


When we came back to our dough, we found it had risen a lot! Then, it was time to shape the dough. We pulled off small balls of dough and shaped them into flat breads. We spread the wild garlic butter on them, crumbled over some goats’ cheese, and then it was time to put them in the cob oven to bake!


The flat breads came out super tasty, and took just seconds to cook! We couldn’t believe we had made everything from scratch - even the butter!

Luckily for us, there was some fruit and vegetables leftover at the farm from previous events, so we got them out and ate them with our flat breads. We also harvested lemon balm and mint to make herbal tea, and a herb infused water, which we drank with our feast!