Families Go Wild Harvest Festival!

Today was a time for celebration! We’ve worked hard in the garden this year to grow our own vegetables, and today we got to enjoy some of our bounty!

We started the day with a visit to the chickens, and even though some of us were scared of them, we still went inside their house to check for eggs.

Next, we went to the gardens to harvest our vegetables. First of all, we harvested some healthy looking beetroots! We had to help each other pull them out of the ground!


We learned the different ways we can cook and eat beetroots, and that we can eat the leaves as well.

Next, we went over to our other gardening space and hunted for tomatoes. We found lots of red and yellow tomatoes to harvest!


In the same plot was some chard and kale, which we picked as well, and would go well on top of our pizzas. Yum!


We took our heavy harvest back to the kitchen garden, where the pizza oven fire was roaring! We washed our vegetables and put them to the side, while we started to make the dough for our pizza. While the yeast got to bubbling, we cut up the potatoes that we harvested two weeks ago, to make a potato salad. Some of the potatoes were purple inside, and they tasted delicious!


Once the potatoes were done, some of us chopped the vegetables we had harvested, while others finished off making the dough. Soon, all the ingredients were ready, and we could start assembling our pizzas.


One by one, as our pizzas were ready, we put them in the oven to bake. Each one took such a short time to cook, as the oven was so hot. We put lots of different toppings on our pizza, and they looked beautiful. Unfortunately, the camera stopped working when the pizzas were ready, but trust us, they were so colourful!

We ate our pizza and potato salad, and some of us enjoyed doing some colouring once we had finished. We all helped to clear up our plates and the table.

Thanks to the family volunteers who have helped grow all the vegetables this year for us to enjoy! Soon, it will be time to start planning for next year’s harvest, and we can’t wait!