Families Go Wild in the Farmyard!

Today was a chilly day on the farm, and also quite a peaceful day. As it gets colder, the farm has fewer visitors, so it was quite quiet today.


We started our farmyard session, as usual, with a visit to the chickens to collect eggs. Today we found two chicken eggs, and one duck egg!

As it was still quiet, once we collected the eggs, we had a little cuddle with Edward, the farm’s current foster cat. He’s very friendly, and is looking for a home!

As lovely as it was spending time with Edward, we realised that we had work to do! Goat and sheep poo does not clear up itself! We said goodbye to Edward and went to get tools.

We started with the stable where the goats stay. We had to sweep up the poo and dirty straw and take it to the muck heap. We also had to empty out their old water buckets and refill them with fresh water.


Then, we moved on to the show paddock, where Bramble and Demeter. We moved them into a stable so we could clean up their paddock. While we were cleaning, one of the brushes fell off a broom, and some of us pretended to be the Knights of the Farm!

Once we had swept all their poo, we moved onto the other half of the show paddock and cleaned up with the sheep in with us! They mostly stayed in the corner and didn’t bother us.


When all the clearing was finished, it was time to have a meeting about the upcoming Winter Fayre! We put our tools away and washed our hands, and some us even bought cake! Then we headed to the treehouse for our meeting!

It was a successful meeting - we decided who would be in charge of which stalls and activities at the Winter Fayre, and worked out what we would each need to bring. We’ll spend the next few weeks preparing for it, and telling all our friends and family about it! Spread the word!