Families Go Wild preparing for The Winter Fayre!

Another busy today at Families Go Wild! Today we started preparing for the Winter Fayre, which is just two weeks away!


When our first volunteers arrived, we started chopping peppers and chillies to make chilli jam! The chillies were grown right here on the farm, and we’re hoping to sell the jam at the Winter Fayre. We added jam sugar, cider vinegar, and the chilli mixture to the pan, and boiled the ingredients for around ten minutes. We may have boiled it a little too much and made chilli caramel, but it is very tasty!

At the Winter Fayre, we will have a Christmas Craft table. Today we used our imaginations and made some sample decorations, to give people an idea of what they can make at the Winter Fayre. We used materials from around the farm to inspire us!

We made a lot of different decorations, using lots of different materials. We also made bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed. In Winter it can be hard for birds to find enough food, so pine cone bird feeders are a great way to help them out. If you hang them somewhere you can see them, it’s also a fantastic way to do some birdwatching!