Families Go Wild! 11th August 2018

This week our volunteers got to work mucking out the sheep paddock. Sweeping and scooping up the sheep poo is a favourite activity for many of our young volunteers - and yes, we are being completely serious!


Each week, we usually have a list of tasks to get through, which we tick off as they are completed. This week, we didn't have one ready, so the young volunteers wrote it themselves. We made sure to include 'putting away tools' on the list, so we wouldn't forget!


As well as mucking out, today we had some training in animal handling. The London Harvest Festival is coming up, and some of our young volunteers will have the opportunity to show their animal handling skills. We spent some time with Mollie, who works in the Farmyard. She gave us examples of what the judges would ask us, and showed us how to hold Marmite the ferret.

Here's a photo of us with Marmite, taken by one of our regular family volunteers:


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