Families Go Wild! 18th August 2018

Today, we had two new families join us at Families Go Wild. It was a lovely opportunity to introduce the gardens we've planted to new people.

We started off by preparing pots and trays for planting. Our new volunteers weren't afraid of getting their hands dirty. They did it very neatly, and took a lot of pride in their work!

We've started thinking about our harvests for next year, so we sowed some Brassicas, which should be ready to harvest in Spring! They will grow until Winter, have a break during the cold weather, and hopefully growth will speed back up again come Spring.

We also sowed chard seeds, as they will grow relatively quickly, and will be something for us to harvest in Autumn and Winter.

Next, we tried out a different method of propagation - cuttings. Now's a good time in the year to take 'semi-ripe' cuttings of plants such as rosemary and sage, so that's what we did!