Families Go Wild Summer Solstice Celebration!

Friday was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and so today was the perfect day to celebrate!

We started off the day with some arts and crafts, making sun catchers, which act like stained glass windows when hit by the sun. We made all different shapes, and they looked great. We were excited to put them up - Ilana put hers up in the farm office!


Once we had made sun catchers, we headed out to the garden to check on the onions and peas we planted a few weeks ago. They’ve started growing, and looked like they needed watering, so we watered them.


We sowed some kale a while ago, and the plants were looking stronger, so we decided to plant them out as well. Some of our more experienced gardeners helped out other volunteers, and we all worked really nicely together.


We also planted some wildflowers that we had sown a while ago. These will encourage pollinators and beneficial insects to visit our plants.


As well as it being the Summer Solstice, it’s Family Volunteering Leader Ilana’s birthday this weekend, and one of the family volunteers kindly baked a cake for the occasion! We all finished watering in the new plants we had planted, put away our tools, washed our hands, and then enjoyed delicious cake together!


It was lovely to share cake and some snacks as a group. To finish off our session, we had a ‘fire’ to celebrate the solstice, and ‘toasted’ marshmallows on it. It was a very hot day, so we decided not to have a real fire, but a pretend one instead! It was great fun, and we sang some songs with Ilana’s ukulele.