Families Go Wild in the Farmyard!

What a scorcher! The farm was so hot today, we had to take a couple of water breaks to stay happy and hydrated.

Today we had to poo pick the donkey paddock. The first thing we did was grab our tools from the farmyard tool shed. We needed shavings forks and shovels, as well as wheelbarrows for the job today.

We wheeled our tools all the way to the donkey paddock - the other side of the farm to where we normally do farmyard volunteering.

Gilbert and Sullivan, the mini donkeys (Mediterranean Miniatures) came to greet us as we entered the paddock. They are very friendly and sweet!


While in the paddock, we used our shavings forks (kindly donated via our Wish List) to pick up the donkey poo that was in piles all over the paddock. The donkeys wandered about around us, and every so often we stopped to stroke them.


Once we had collected a wheelbarrow full of poo, we emptied it out into the small muck heaps in the corner of the paddock. This saved us from going all the way to the muck heap in the farmyard.


When the poo picking was almost done, we had a water break, as it was such a hot day and we had been in the sun quite a bit. We then did some watering in our garden space before we went back to the paddock.

When we were finished with the paddock, we put our tools and wheelbarrows away and harvested some mint and lemon balm from the gardens. We washed it and added it to a jug cold water, for a lovely refreshing drink on this hot day!