Families Go Wild in the Garden!

Today was a garden day, and we got lots done!

We started off by earthing up our potato plants, to encourage them to sprout more potatoes for us to harvest! We used two whole bags of compost altogether!

Next, it was time to plant out some of our vegetable plants from their pots into the soil. We all went together to fetch the plants, which were sweetcorn, tomatoes and pumpkins.


We dug holes in our plots with trowels and hand forks, and planted our sweetcorn in a grid formation. We worked out that it was 6 by 2.


Next, we planted out pumpkin plants in another part of our plot, and then tomatoes. We had to dig really deep holes for the tomatoes, to allow them to grow more roots for stability.

Once we had planted all the plants, it was time to water them in! Our volunteers always enjoy watering - it’s one of their favourite jobs. We gave all the plants a good watering - the potatoes, sweetcorn, peas, onions, sunflowers, pumpkins, and tomatoes.


Our veg plot is looking great now with so many plants planted! We’re looking forward to seeing their progress in the coming weeks!