The farm has a wide variety of green spaces that visitors and volunteers can enjoy. All our spaces wouldn’t exist without our amazing volunteers. They provide all of the hard work, enthusiasm, fun and expertise with a wide range of gardening/landscaping/food growing/wildlife skills. In the last year, the Farm has become a haven for wild flowers and herbs which are now dotted all over the farm.


Were always growing!

Evening primrose, musk mallow, bedstraw, yarrow, vervain, knapweed and ox-eye daisy to name only very few. These herbs and flowers also attract a wide range of insects, butterflies and bees which pollinate the plants and attract more birds and wildlife to the area. Spring time along the butterfly garden, which runs along the perimeter of the farm, was particularly colourful this year.

This city farm garden is a wonderful sight of fresh produce and herbs. Thank you for the lovely treat!
— Sally Heron: Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Latest news in gardening


Grass road

We designed and built a new garden for the farm in 2008. It acts as a main entrance for visitors and provides access for deliveries. It has 3 raised beds with a colourful mixture of flowers, wildflowers and vegetables - such as kale and brassicas. The raised picnic area has been sown with meadow grasses and has a wildflower bank with lots of amazing plants!

The majority of the grass road has been landscaped using logs to create habitats for mini beasts... it looks good too! We’ve even built a pond edged with logs - perfect for pond dipping. Young volunteers made some lovely garden furniture to sit back and enjoy the space - check out the funky railway sleeper benches!

Wildlife Garden

Tucked away on the left, on the way to the farm yard is the Wildlife Garden, and volunteers are invited to spend some time here cultivating the diversity of this miniature woodland, creating balance by taking out more dominant plants such as burdock, nettle and Hawhound and so allowing a wide range of wild flowers to grow well. In Spring, these flowers attract bumble bees, butterflies and other 'good' insects and the bench by the pond is a great place for volunteers to sit and relax after some gardening.

Come visit in Spring for a truly magical and enchanting experience… With so many flowers - bluebells, snowdrops, columbines, wild garlic, fox gloves, honesty, forget me nots, violets, wild strawberry & more….. We have great crested newts too!



Plant Nursery and Vegetables

We sell a selection of wildflowers, flowers and vegetables. Availability depends on the seasons. We sell lots of tomatoes, squash, cucumber, marigolds and variety of herb plants.

You can buy vegetables from the farm. We only sell vegetables on Tuesday and Thursday 11 to 4. Please ask Lutfun to help you. The nursery, situated in front of the office, grows these flowers and herbs for both the farm and for sale to the public.

The Volunteers Vegetable Garden

We have several spaces for volunteers to learn how to grow food. Raised beds have been created in every space available and filled with lots of edible greens. In the vegetable garden, volunteers learn the benefits of companion planting.

Growing wild flowers and herbs in amongst vegetables is a natural way of keeping unwelcome insects at bay and attracting butterflies, bees and other insects which will pollinate the plants. Volunteers are involved in all aspects of cultivating the vegetable garden and some tasks are more work than others.



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